Beyond employee referrals
Most people undervalue their networks. Drafted uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help you unlock the value of yours.
See how Klaviyo received 200 referrals in their first months with Drafted.
Get smart referral suggestions
Drafted helps you discover missed opportunities for making valuable introductions in your network.
Browse personalized referral categories each week to find new people to refer.
Each referral suggestion is someone you know in your professional or social circle.
You can keep track of the introductions you make and stay in the loop.
Grow your team through your network
Increase the volume, quality, and diversity of referrals with timely and relevant referral suggestions for your whole team.
Turn referrals into your strategic hiring advantage.
Referrals are 7 times more likely to get hired. A 10% increase in referral based hires can translate to a 10% increase in company productivity.
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“A lot of times people at Giphy thought they didn’t have anyone to refer…but after using Drafted we’d find that they actually know 3-5 amazing people.”
“We’ve had over 200 referrals through Drafted. Which translates to 3.9 referrals per employee and 10 referrals per job which are some really great numbers. It’s a lot higher than we were getting before.”
“Drafted surfaces smart referral recommendations, making it extremely simple to make a referral. Everyone wins!”
Hire more through referrals.
Drafted makes it easy to get rewarded for helping companies find their next hire in your network.